Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Parking Lot and Hard Surface Maintenance

Equally important to the condition of your building's landscape is the appearance of your parking lot and exterior surfaces. By taking advantage of the parking lot and hard surface services McLean Maintenance offers you can rest assured visitors to your site have a positive first impression. McLean Maintenance staff walk your property with broom and collector to ensure all litter and cigarette butts laying on your property are properly addressed prior to your opening hour each morning. McLean Maintenance's dedicated staff start their work day in the very early hours to ensure your property is not only free of litter, but also garbage enclosures are clean and tidy, receptacle bags are changed and ash receptacle are emptied.

Litter Pickup Litter Pickup

Asphalt Repair

Patching is one of the most common methods of repairing isolated areas of intensive cracking and asphalt failure. McLean Maintenance can provide temporary or emergency repairs using a premium cold-mix compound. Although in some circumstances this type of repair can last for years, it is considered to be temporary measure and serves as a shorter term solution in order to keep traffic moving and the property safe until a permanent cut out and re-pave can be made.

Asphalt Repair Asphalt Repair Asphalt Repair Asphalt Repair

Line Striping and Painting

McLean Maintenance Enterprises Ltd. can do any type of parking lot marking, line painting/striping and stencilling. We have experience with a wide variety of parking properties, from underground parking garages to large outdoor parking areas. Our customers include hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centres, restaurants and municipal parking lots. We use high quality line painting equipment and paints to guarantee the best possible results for our customers. You can call us with any type of line painting and parking markings project from re-striping an existing parking lot to applying lines and pavement markings to a newly paved parking facility. Our parking lot line and marking painting services also include:

  • parking lot line painting and repainting
  • removal of previous markings (blacking out)
  • parking lot numbering and lettering
  • crosshatching
  • handicap parking symbols
  • curbing and stop bars
  • painting speed bumps
  • painting crosswalk lines
  • directional traffic arrows and stop lines
  • other specialty symbols and markings
  • parking lot pillars or post painting
  • parking and traffic sign installation
  • warehouse floor striping and staging
Line Painting Line Painting

Parking Lot Signage

Reduce potential accidents, parking confusion or the need for by-law enforcement on your property by utilizing our our sign repair and installation services to keep your parking lot well marked and direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic in safe manner. From repair of existing signage to brand new installations, McLean Maintenance has your solution.

Parking lot signage Parking lot signage Parking lot signage Parking lot signage Parking lot signage

Power Sweeping

Your parking lot cleanliness reflects your business. Do you need to remove dust and other debris from your parking lot? Dirt and loose gravel wear out asphalt pavement. McLean Maintenance's power sweeping services can become a reliable and cost-effective part of your ongoing maintenance schedule. We have the equipment, experience and flexibility to meet your needs. Regular sweeping of your parking lot could mean more revenue to your business because well maintained parking lot is a key to attracting customers. To help you keep your property clean and safe, we offer complete parking lot cleaning and power sweeping services to property managers and owners.

Power Sweeping Power Sweeping